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Please don't get me wrong.

They both certainly serve their purpose. I've spent many hours myself "battling" on the keyboard in the simple hopes that debating/commenting on an open forum gets people to THINK and start questioning.
And I'm also sure many people found their way through this site by "word of mouth" through the internet. What I'm saying is don't just think that'll cut it.

It seems like that it that's ALL we're doing and realistically, I don't think it's enough. If I'm wrong - then show me the demonstrations for the injustices I mentioned above. Yeah we all "heard" about it, now we're "informed" and we can complain about it - to each other. I really don't see government responding to "keyboard warriors", do you? Tell me, what does government respond to? Rigged elections? Writing letters to your Congressman?

We should be "keyboard warriors", AND we should be demonstrating. We should be doing MORE. How is it possible that in today's day and age(the information age) more people aren't awake? I'll tell you why. Because people are using their time on the internet for facebook, entertainment/gossip, and porn. And as an American, if frustrates me to no end that other third world countries "get it", and actually get out there and cause change.

This is another way I feel that we could be very effective. By letting our voices be heard through our purchases. I also wrote about it, but as expected, not many got behind it.

For ALL our "efforts", I'm not seeing much change FROM OUR GOVERNMENT. Yes, more people are waking up, THAT"S A CHANGE, but for arguments sake, 30% of the country could wake up and then what? It's way too much easier to get on a keyboard and not get out there. Judging by the evidence and rallies, I'm sure Ron Paul was robbed throughout the primaries. The information was out there on the web, and documented on youtube. As usual, we complained, and as usual, those complaints fell on deaf ears all the way to the election. Whatever it is that we are doing, is not producing any results or change from the government, and if it is, by all means show me because I sure haven't seen it.

I'll put it to you another way; A disgruntled worker in a large company can bitch and moan all day, but unless he DOES something, nothing will change. When UNITED workers are upset because their needs are not being addressed, what is the usual step that actually forces a response from management? What is done that management can no longer ignore? They strike. Same thing as a demonstration. Disruption - same thing as civil disobedience. Workers suffer, but so does the company, and the usual end result is, AT THE VERY LEAST mediation. It has been the only action that has caused change. A government that refuses to listen to its citizens should expect no less. I'll leave it at that.