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Uh no

If you've seen the documentary, why would you ask:

"Do they explain how thousands of people mistakenly seen the plane or multiple people filmed it...?"

That indicates that you either have not in fact seen the documentary, or worse yet you HAVE seen it, know what it does and does not say, and yet are deliberately trying to mislead people into thinking that it advocates the notion that no plane hit the building when it does no such thing.

Do you contest the fact that the officially reported speeds for the plane that hit the south toward are well above the max operating speed for a stock 767 at or near sea level, as explained and documented in the video? If so I'd love to see what you base that on. If not it seems you are basically just making an argument from incredulity. Given that *a* plane crashed, there would be debris. The debris does not prove that the plane was in fact Flight 175, and meanwhile the official speeds indicate that it could not have been.