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No one even questions

the authority of police to "pull you over." Is that not an act to deprive you of liberty without due process of law? Being pulled over is being detained.

I read a post about a month ago here on the DP about John Locke's definition of tyranny that resonated with me.

That when the powers of government use their powers to harass, impoverish, and subdue the citizens of that government in an arbitrary and irregular manor, that is in fact tyranny.

Unless you intended to stop on the side of the road for a breather from driving isn't the act of stopping you harassment, making you do things you did not intend to do?

Writing a citation that compels behavior and has penalties and fees attached with no regard to your finances, whether you could pay such penalties and fees at all, isn't that an act to impoverish?

What would happen had you not pulled over and stopped your vehicle on the side of the road? Well I have seen accounts of this happening and the police have rammed their vehicle off the road and in some cases killed its occupants, isn't this an act to subdue?

But is this all in an arbitrary and irregular manor?

Where did they, the government officials, come up with these fine and penalty amounts, are they not completely arbitrary?

Did the police officer stop every vehicle on that highway including you or did the police officer just stop you? If just you well isn't that irregular?

In my opinion the whole act of pulling people over and issuing citations is the act of tyranny, where police officers are tyrants.

I know I get a little scared when the lights flash in my rear view, and I know why.

"When the people fear its government their is tyranny, when the government fears its people there is liberty." -Thomas Jeffereson