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Comment: Joel is a good guy--

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Joel is a good guy--

he is wise and calm--

but don't take anyone else's advice.

We deliberately chose a less populated area that is VERY cold and has free firewood--

where gardens produce well in the summer--

and where nobody looks at you twice if you store food/preserve food or grow a garden or hang clothes out--

but I wouldn't tell anyone where I am. Going without utilities can happen anymore; having storms can happen anywhere--

there is no 'safe' place, but there is a best place for each person--

if everyone runs to this place in Florida (I've never been that far southeast)--

then that would not be such a great idea--

The fact is that heat can kill as much as cold, and it is harder to prepare against heat than against cold--

in an area where the winters are bitter it is less likely that a person will die from heat in the summers--

Also, it probably matters less how many people are in an area than what kinds of people--

if there is a vibrant local economy with hard-working people who don't mind talking about how to prevent hunger . . .

then you might be better off than living where there aren't as many people, but those people who live there are unwilling to cooperate--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--