Comment: The problem with Rand

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The problem with Rand

The problem with Rand is that he is only a psuedo-libertarian, and he will not have the cross-over energy and potential that Ron Paul had. Recall that polls showed Ron Paul tied with Obama in a two man race.

Rand is is great on Civil Liberties, but he is GOP-Lite about the Neocon Foreign Policy, and he won't rock too many boats. I doubt he would stand up to the CIA, or dramamtically change anything. He is also more just "traditional-GOP" about cutting programs for the poor, while the rich Corporations and the Elites get fat and happy, and represent the true theives, cheaters, and pirates of the U.S. Treasury.

Unlike Ron, he also never talks about Monetary Reform or getting rid of the FED...only audits.

While he has some positive qualities, I don't think he is sufficiently "non-Republican" enough to motivate support from the progressives, disaffected Democrats, Independents, and non-voters the way that Ron Paul can.

But because of this, he would also run stronger in the GOP Primary than Ron could.

The best thing would be to run Rand Paul in the GOP Primary, and then have him step-aisde and have Ron Paul run in the General Election (this is of course not possible).