Comment: Gee, being rude is unwelcome?

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Gee, being rude is unwelcome?

Who'd a thunk?

All the crazy, shouting, gun-waving, jackbooted cops out there terrorizing the public, and you found one who was relaxed and professional in the face of your lawbreaking.

I'm just going to hope that encounters with insufferable douchebags don't turn cops against the public at large. I hope he's still willing to give a warning to the next person who speeds by, but doesn't resent cops, and would appreciate a warning.

I blew by a speed trap one time on my motorcycle, and turned around and came back. He gave me a written warning for 39 in a 30 (I'd been going almost 50), saying both that he was sorry but his speed trap was at the request of people from the neighborhood who had complained of speeding, and also saying that he would have pursued me and given me a ticket if I hadn't turned around.

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