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Wow you're really gonna just keep going with this huh?

Again, given than neither I nor the pilots who made the video that I posted claim that no plane hit the south tower, there is no reason for you to ask me or them to "explain" why so many people saw and filmed a plane hitting the south tower. A plane hit and many people saw and filmed it. The end.

The question is, was it Flight 175? You say you don't want to "dwell" on "estimations of speeds", but I think most people would disagree given that the speeds were not just provided by "somebody", they were provided BY THE NTSB, allegedly based upon the official radar data. The speeds OFFICIALLY reported by the NTSB, 500-520 knots, are well above the max operating speed for a stock 767 like Flight 175 at or near sea level. This means the data is a fraud or the plane seen and filmed impacting the south tower was not in fact Flight 175, implying that 9/11 was a false flag operation involving an Operation Northwoods-style plane swap. This is worth "dwelling" on.

You say you also don't want to dwell on "what [the] effects of a 767 hitting the towers would look like", but neither I nor the video I posted have raised that issue. That issue is usually raised by people who think the videos are faked, many of whom doubt that a plane impacted at all. That is not me nor the professional pilots who made the video I posted, yet you out of nowhere you misleadingly bring this "no planer"-type strawman up in response to me. Very odd.