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i shall try again

jaywaking is NOT a crime,nor is there a law for it
it is either a statute,ordinance or a code,these come down from the incorporated state,these are supposed to be used for the corp,but has been in fact used against the people(out of ignorance)again these are not laws
people are not under control,nor do they fall under under the banner of said corp(if they do not work for them)
ALI was jailed out of ignorance of the role of the fed gov
the role of any gov is to UPHOLD the laws they fall under and swear an oath to uphold
the people own them roads,and they are to used to for
our benefit unfettered,unhindered and just left alone(we own them,we own everything)just because they use might and brute force does not them so called laws right(they are in fact illegal to be used against the ones who they work for
all forms and sizes of gov are the people,the ones who work for the gov do in fact work for us,to do our will and our bidding.
they were hired to uphold our rights,not to stifle them,nor hinder us,they DO NOT own us,nor do they have the right to tell us what to do
they work for us,can the slave tell the master what to do?
can the slave tell the owner what they are not going to do?
if in fact congress can make no laws,and they try to,is it our responsibility to follow them?
not according to the const,it states otherwise
and this is true with all lower forms of gov,they all work for us
people have the right to contract or not with a corp
this is our right,if i choose to not contract,they cannot force me too,a contract needs all parties involved with full disclosure for that contract to be lawful
all gov's including city councils are a corp,that corp has no authority over people,they can take direction from
the people,but have no authority over their lives
and just because what they have done is illegal does not make it right(it makes it wrong and unlawful)
what they have done is illegal and size does not make right,it means they broke their oath,and committed treason

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence