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show me in the const

where it states the gov can force another to go fight
congress shall the raise support armies
does it say congress can force,or does that mean they can raise money to hire people to go fight?
remember we cannot have standing armies,such as we do today
show me where it says selective service in the const
it is not in there,and it does not matter if they created an office with that name on it,it has no authority than the slave who was hired has,it cannot have more authority than we do,as we are over the slave
now lets speak about the supreme court
is that courts job to interpret or uphold the laws of the const?
their role is to uphold our rights,to make sure the fed gov does over step their bounds as outlined in the const
if they have the authority to interpret,then they also have the right and the might to change it at will
but as we have seen they all have overstepped their defined roles and need to be put back in place,or removed from office and bound over for trial
for dereliction of duty

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence