Comment: Northern States were deep in debt.

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Northern States were deep in debt.

Abolitionists wanted action. The State and Federal government's wanted loot.

However, the War against Southern Independence was expensive. $2.550 billion dollars plus the the productive capacity of the South was destroyed and the productive capacity of the North was wasted for half a decade. The productive labor force was reduced by the over $800,000 mortalities and millions of wounded.

No one accounts for the property hauled to Northern markets.

By 1872 a mere $100,000 million of the debt was repaid. The bankruptcy of 1872 brought in foreign investors that Andrew Jackson had paid back in 1835.

It took less than 40 years for the United States to beg foreign banks for a 20 year note. Twenty years later the note came due and a bank Panic followed. Another 20 year note was negotiated.

Fraud by the US Treasury and Banks brought on the Panic of 1907. Propaganda for a National Reserve system began as the expiration of another 20 year note loomed.

JPierpont Morgan died in March 1913 and by December the Federal Reserve Act was law. Morgan interests provided a counter-balance to the Rockefeller and Aldrich interests. The Aldrich Plan of 1912 was renamed, passed and signed.

The rest tells one history of ever tightening regulation of non-member entities.

By increasing the National Debt by 4000%, Lincoln killed the goose that laid golden eggs. Fifty years later the Federal Reserve Act was passed the US had only doubled the 1870 debt.

Priced in Gold governemnt has increased the Federal Debt by 4000%

Priced in $FRN the debt has increased 405,000% since 1913.

Now the Goose Lays golden eggs for foreign banking interest. All because Congress has no credit rating.

Without the 14th Amendment making citizens liable for the debt without question.

Without us Congress is not creditworthy.

Lincoln was just another dirty rotten politician.

Free includes debt-free!