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Comment: if he were a slow learner....

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if he were a slow learner....

I could forgive him. But whats really going on is that the fox news/neocon talk radio machine is hijacking the liberty message and they have been doing it for years now. You ever notice how they take ron paul's philosophy and pass it off as their own? All of them do this....limbaugh, levin, hannity and especially Beck....its always "oooh freedom vs. Tyranny, the Constitution, the bill of rights, the founding fathers, gold and silver, printing money etc etc.....all of ron paul's talking points....except with their neocon agenda twist. You notice how they expouse RP's philosophy but NEVER mention the guy? Except to bash him? That is not by is a concerted effort to corral/lead astray the people that are slowly waking up (finally).

Do not give these charlatan demagogues the time of day. If they were truly "awake" and "seeing the light" they would be giving RP his due praise. Do not trust any of them. Fin.

"I am Troll fighter, number one"