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What I said: "All I was and

What I said:
"All I was and am asking is how does anyone explain the Boeing 767 parts and the United and American airline items? or the thousands of witnesses and many, many videos from different angles?"

Where's the strawman argument or no plane claim? I am saying that there are Boeing 767 parts, United and American airline parts/items/papers, and many, many witnesses and videos where people said they saw a commercial airliner or even United airliner.

"speeds OFFICIALLY reported by the NTSB" So you're telling me to take this official stat as gospel but all other official stats are lies, is that right?

The other point I was making is that there are experts on both sides of the "impossible speed" and/or estimated speed argument, which indicates there is no definitive answer. Since it cannot be definitively determined and since I have no other credible reason to question whether it was the alleged 767's or not, I do not waste time questioning that issue. The 9/11 truther pilot I linked to below didn't question whether it was the alleged 767 or not. The Licensed Avionics Aircraft Engineer that TxRedneck linked to below did a simulation and determined it was the alleged 767's. I know there are going to be people who no amount of evidence will be legit to or suffice. I rest my case, you can argue with SteveMT and Paul_S on the specifics because y'all don't seem to be on the same page other than believing that it wasn't the alleged 767's. Because SteveMT does want me to look at the effects of 767 crash videos and Paul_S does think videos are photoshopped. Have fun!