Comment: Why would you run

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Why would you run

Do you actually think these guys are going to play nice? You want it, you have to fight for it. I'm fighting for it.

I'm still in teh trenches and watching it.

Right about Rove and why I want to face him too.

Fox is some email spam isn't it? You mean MSM fox? :P

The GOP is changing. I was alone on my committee for a year, now there are three, soon to be four, and three others who are on our side on the issues.. so we are winning.

Romney was forced on us and you know that. We remain in fighting and it's Rubio Vs Rand. Rubio os another Romney.

I didn't vote FOR Romney. I voted to keep my loyalty oaths and seat. I voted against Obama, and I have explained, why all the work I did to become a national delegate for Ron Paul had me give Romney a vote. It hurt. So how do we stop it? How do we stop these unfair elections?

Some think we have to crash the system, or crash it, and I think, from my appreciation of history, that works for the establishment, not the people.

I think Ron Paul really knew what he was doing inviting us into the GOP. We are standing for A REPUBLIC.. Republican party. We are standing for conservative values that are alien to many in politics because they have lost their way, they only use Roberts Rules of Order informally at meetings to formalize what they already had planned. And to be fair, some in the Liberty Movement/ rEVOLution are no better, wanting to replace one corrupt group with another, meaning no one uses Roberts Rules of Order to do business.. it's all private.. who you know, not what you know stuff. It's a good fight, and I'm happy to be inside the GOP and able to help Rand over Rubio, Dr Paul over Karl Rove.

I think if I would have broken my loyalty oath to the constitution, GOP and 470, I would have gave up on every principle I supposedly supported Ron Paul for, because I would have broken my oath, cheated, lied and become what I am not, nor want to be.