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Richard Nixon

Best of MY lifetime anyway.
Jack Kennedy might have sent Apollo to the Moon, and Ronald ("Cut-n-Run")Reagan may have portrayed a convincing libertarian on video (for which he definitely deserves a Lifetime Achievement Emmy for his recurring role as "The President"), but I still have to give it up for the Trickster.

Nixon's the one, because:

He ended the draft. That might be enough right there, but wait, there's more!
He "closed the gold window", thus ending the link between hard money and fiat currency, AND instituting a "Wage and Price Freeze." A swift one-two punch that inspired the beginnings of both the Libertarian Party, AND the political career of Ron Paul.
Watergate -- getting caught, and badly denying it, did more in my lifetime than any other act to inspire DISTRUST of government.

Pre Me? Jefferson's a gimme, of course, and Wm Henry Harrison only had a month to do any damage so he did very little. Following up I'd throw in Cleveland and Coolidge, if only for bipartisan balance.

All time? Still gotta go with Ms Hemmings' boyfriend. TJ may be only the SECOND best poet in the Office, but Lincoln is so otherwise loathesome that he washes himself out (with the blood of hundreds of thousands).

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