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His history of public

His history of public pronouncements demonstrating his utter contempt and lack of understanding of the document he is sworn to "preserve, protect, and defend" along with this latest incident is prima facie evidence that the Chief is mentally unstable.

This statement is utterly false.

No one in government signs their name to the document know as in the Preamble "this Constitution for the United States of America" no one ever has been bound to "this Constitution" that has worked as an agent for the United States of America, the confederacy.

Any oath is totally bogus unless one signs their name to the document to which they are bound. Statute of Frauds 1677.

It is time all of you get your heads out of your asses and learn the ruse that is before you stop being ignorant no government agent ever binds them self from the President on down. This is why there is total disregard for the document of "this Constitution". Read Article IV Re-Read Article IV and read it again til it sinks in.