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She has no respect for the

She has no respect for the judicial process at all. Her brief includes my work on Obama's SS# used without my permission. In addition, she's allowed someone else to illegally swear to my work and has submitted it as a valid affidavit. I filed a cease and desist with her to get her to withdraw my work from her case and she refused.

What she is doing is taking my open and pending case with the SS admin, submitting it prematurely to the Supreme Court without it going through due process of the District Court and allowing it to climb through the ranks as prescribed by law. She knows this. Basically, when that bit of "evidence" gets thrown out of the court because its not complete, and doesn't meet the standard of evidence for a court, yet, she has destroyed my case with the SS admin and there will be no court left to hear it. She is making it impossible for me to pursue the case I began which in the end would have proved the original owner of Obama's SS#.

Blessings )o(