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That is your choice.

I do not need to defend rp4pres or anybody else here. But I will offer my opinion.

rp4pres is a true patriot, and one who LIVES Liberty. You may not like his style, but I do. Though I am for peace, there is too much complacency in this world which has got us where we are today. rp4pres, and anybody else who scrutinizes others should be commended, and welcomed. I value everything that he has to say, and though I know exactly where I stand, I learn from him.

rp4pres and I happen to disagree with this effort. He is still 1000% solid and one who I would be proud to stand by if/when shtf. I am tired, over extended and see no hope. If by miracle Granger can yield any success, I am for it.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul