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Absolutely true! The Ron Paul Movement was never killed! With four reporter's questions, "Who, What, Where and When", it appears urgent and appropriate to add a fifth: WHY?

The replies to Who? we have seen regarding the alarming takeover of our freedom: it includes the MSM and Government. While a good beginning, we are then we are forced to ask "WHY?".

The answer to this is the Executive, Legislative, (though they attempt to hide it), the Republican and Democratic parties, military-industrial complex and thousands of government workers and suppliers are owned by "air" money (debt) created by enormously wealthy foreign bankers and those banks in the United States with duo-citizenship or loyalty, The non-federal Federal Reserve cartel, Rockefeller and Rothschild.

The banks and the control of our currency by unelected criminals easily maintain a giant propaganda machine through the MSM to assure their continued theft of our resources, through wars and the rapid-fire dilution of our currency. THIS MESSAGE IS WHAT RON PAUL WAS GIVING HIS ALL TO GET ACROSS!

This kind of unacceptable behavior is what Congressman Dr. Ron Ernest Paul has been working for thirty years to eradicate! The service men and women believe their primary mission is to protect the United States in event of (legitimate) attack, not to be sent to die or be maimed on a banker's lucrative false flag war. It followed they donated more funds to the Ron Paul campaign than to any other candidate.

Even confused Trolls or Romney/Obama supporters could have figured that facts are stubborn. When I review the enormous following of Ron Paul with steel reasons and how this election was stolen, it is hard to not weep.

Mary 4 RP