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You should consider this

I know that churches and pastors are cult like. I won't argue with that. Now, take just Jesus and his words. He himself, was a radical and he endorsed individual liberty. Christians have always been the biggest threat to tyranny throughout history. What happens when those interest gain control of the religion? They start demonizing the practice by all kinds of means. Hypocracy was the main objective. Well, they acheived it. Christians are rude, manipulated, and repeatidly lied to and taken advatage of by the people they are supposed to trust the most. Their religious leaders. Some churches get it, and use that as energy to propel the message, but most just use the message of Jesus as a way to exploit the masses.

Personally, I lost my religion at a young age when I looked at the logic of the situation. After discovering that Aliens tech is really just Elite using advanced, lost technology against us, then I started to get the answers I was looking for (project paperclip).

We all know the spiritual realm exists. Well, I do anyways. I have had several paranormal events in my life. I wonder why most religions had things in common. Specifically the great flood. What would happen to the Greek or Hindu Gods if the Earth was flooded? For this I point to an after life in the multiverse. Yes the mustliverse theory where we live parallel to another dimension. That dimension could be heaven or hell or pergatory or any other number of different things. We know we can sense things that are not visible to our own eyes. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE ANY OF THE REPORTS OF ET OR SPACESHIPS IS FROM ANY OTHER PLANET. I would like to point out the Ancient relics that rocket ships. That would indicate to me that they were leaving this planet to go to the moon or just into space.
If Aliens are from some other galaxy, I personally believe they would much much more prevalent and have more robust presence. Their technology would be more advanced than what we are seeing now.

My final thought on God is that, I think it is foolish to think that this Universe was created by chance. Really? Think about how complex our DNA is. Think about how diverse and perfectly balanced our planet just so happens to be. Without that balance, we could not sustain life. I believe, humanity has had a very long struggle with morality and "Evil". If we walked in the foot steps of Jesus (Golden Rule, Love they neihbor)then we would have a seriously awesome civilization.

So, do you represent the non violence principle and the golden rule? Then you probably would like what Jesus had to say and could learn from the way he handled situations. Then you would be more like those principles and not like the modern day Christians who, (Not all of them) are mostly ignorant of his real message.

Do you really know his message?

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)