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My peace comes from working

Last election was the first time I ever voted for a MSM president.

I felt it was more important to keep my oaths than breaking them for a vote for a candidate that was forced on us.

Politics ius about staying in to see your issues materialize, and that's what I'm going in the GOP.

I found out the whole election and MSM was a sham in 1992 and have been working since to open ballot access and debates for Indy's and third parties. Along comes Ron Paul. He insists on staying in the GOP, so here I am. Do what you want.

Yes, they did shut down Dr Paul, and they are working to shut us down, and that's why the support I recieve from Dail Paul community means so much to me, because it means that I have support to face the party and stand for Liberty.

My peace comes from knowing Daily Paul is supporting me as a delegate.