Comment: I'm Not Financing This Guys Ventures!

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I'm Not Financing This Guys Ventures!

Let him pay for his own trips.

What the hell do think I am the welfare office?

If you all want to be free with your money its your business..

Some Christian!! Asking for money when he should have his own to finance this trip to Sacto..

Granger, You should have enought of your own money to finance your own private and personal trips..

You people are very generous with your money..You must all be well to do..

I think the lot of you have gone off the deep end..

But hey, its your money...Give it to him if you want!!

Maybe I ought to ask you all for some dough to finance my next vacation to Hawaii..

Ha! You guys are nuts!!

Mich~ael Nystrom gets my money to keep the Daily Paul going..But times are getting tough now. You should be spending your extra money on storable food, water, guns and ammo...

Now that a worthy investment...

I'm about ready to tell you how I really feel, but hey its your money and your life. Far be it for me to prevent or discourage you from giving a catholic who is fasting a handout for a trip to California...