Comment: I fear you're falling into

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I fear you're falling into

I fear you're falling into the trap of thinking like the top-down folks do. You think that learning something, even early on, negates your status as a fully thinking individual, full capable of thinking on your own.

It doesn't. In fact, just the opposite is true. Having a firm theological upbringing gives you a place to begin your personal thought process. Just think of the jokes about PK kids; they're the most rebellious in their young adulthood. Giving kids a place to begin to think is a wonderful gift, even when it doesn't meet all their needs as they grow into adults, then into mature adults, then wise elders.

Just a caution: If your gut response to some product is that it's brainwashy, it's probably because you personally feel at risk of brainwashing. Best to treat your reaction as a caution for yourself. I'm pretty sure that the bulk of kids who were exposed to steadfast scriptural references from their parents don't consider themselves brainwashed. I had such an upbringing and consider my adult relationship with God one of constant contention marred by sublime interludes.

You've got to admit the same thinking, questioning, human nature stuff for everyone -- even kids who're given this teadybear.