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Bear, I don't know why she

Bear, I don't know why she insists on doing this. In the email I got from her she said she knows my FOIA does not meet the standard of evidence but its a piece of the puzzle. Then she says she's obligated to use it. It makes no sense to me since her using it in SCOTUS will destroy any chance of me taking it any further. She acknowledges to me that she knows its an open and pending case, but she still insisted she had every right to use it. I made the mistake of trusting someone with a scan of the original FOIA I got from the SS admin, and they used it to swear an affidavit and give it to Orly. The first mistake was mine, I own up to that one, but she is destroying my case by taking it to SCOTUS before I can even get the proof needed to argue it in a District Court. So, your guess is as good as mine about why she'd want to scuttle my case by her actions.

Blessings )o(