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Some people genuinely believe - or have been forced into believing, by deceivers among them - that they are "a chosen people", in some ethnoreligious group, and that they have a special status over other populations and systems of beliefs...

and THAT IS WRONG, in my opinion, because THIS IS NOT ONLY UNTRUE but also goes AGAINST any compassionate view for mankind as a whole.

More historic details here:

Also this DIRECTLY relates to:

"Thus, I also hate the idea that a race or religion or absence thereof has the monopoly of martyrdom over all others."

I believe there are ideas that we CAN and OUGHT TO rightfully hate and reject FOR ALL THE HARM, ATROCITIES THEY HAVE DONE ALREADY among populations and entire nations who have embraced them blindly thru their rulers and/or the peoples themselves.

As humans, we have memory. It is our human DUTY to use it.


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