Comment: For the same reason---

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For the same reason---

that Satan (if you believe him)uses the TV to brainwash the masses! You need to realize we are in a spiritual war. Anything that helps put out our beliefs in a non-toxic way is good in my book.

PBS just TOTALLY ruined our Sunday watching of GARROW'S LAW and our senses being assaulted by images of 2 men kissing. They ruined the story line just to insert their own politcal agendas. It ruined the movie, as it was SO obvious what the producers & writers & Billionaire Banking elites were doing! It upset the flow of the movie and grievously offended us. I threw a pillow at the TV! These same brainwashers did the same thing to PBS's Downton Abbey series a week ago. We are heartsick about all this, so we see nothing wrong with using a Teddy bear to convey a message. It's TV that's "creepy". TV is Satan's weapon! And, we have little, if any, meaningful access to it, so that we can compete for souls.