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I upvoted him but left you alone

I think he has an excellent point. It has left me wondering as well. I now wonder if Ron Paul (and everyone here knows I LOV3 the man) wasn't the other side's version of Obama. You know get everyone jazzed about the game of left vs right politics.

Look, If no one plays, then THEY can't win. I don't know who THEY are but its not you and its not me, I know that. Now Romney's lawyer, Ginsberg - yes rules change Ginsberg from the RNC, is working with Obama to make sure that everyone in the country votes now seeing as this last election the turn out was abysmal.

Again: they can't win if no one plays the game. But doesn't Government fear riots? NO! They just use the best technology they have to showcase how well they can squash it and implement new draconian laws to keep their power.
But we can always vote them out, they fear that? NOPE! They own both parties and its not beyond the realm of possibility that elections get fixed.

They fear no one buying into the scenario that We The People did it to ourselves.

I don't know if Ron Paul did this intentionally. I think he was doing what anyone in his generation would do. I also think he may have been threatened. Or maybe not. I don't know. But I wouldn't down vote the guy who is confused by Ron Paul's actions and is skeptical of it.