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Albert Hendershot found the

Albert Hendershot found the reference to Harrison J Bounel associated with Obama's stolen SS#. I found the reference to Harry Bounel in the 1940 census and filed a FOIA based on that find. It is my FOIA info that she's using in her case without my permission. That FOIA is only the first step in a case with the SS admin that I started and had intended to pursue. Hendershot gave her the scan of my document, that I showed him, and swore to it in his affidavit.

You can't just take a current open and pending incomplete case and put it before the Supreme Court until its heard in a District Court, and an appeals court etc. She's using my case as evidence which means she's presenting it before a court out of turn and against all proper court procedure. If her case gets thrown out, then it means my case gets thrown out too and I will never be able to bring it to any court to pursue it. That's what the problem is, and she acknowledges that its an open case, and it does not yet meet the standard of evidence required by a court.

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