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Granger (and Nonna) I might

Granger (and Nonna) I might just do that, I have been allowing myself 2 a day, but that is ridiculous, I know, I do not think I can completely stop that way, but.. it is better than 40 or so. However, 52 years with them, the whole thing is very depressing. is how I am doing it. The government has put SO much tax on cigarette tobacco and all of it goes for stuff I do not believe in. The government in my state closed down an entire industry from making cute little lighters that I used to collect, that lit strange ways and looked cool. No more. They for some reason stopped making soft packs, which I liked. THEN, the government made them put GODKNOWSWHAT into the paper so that it stops burning 2 or three times while u are smoking. I do not want to breathe that stuff, and it makes ashes fall all over the place. SO much of the pleasure of a smoke is gone, and people have been coached to decry tobacco smoke whilst breathing horrible car exhaust, campfire and fireplace smoke and their own farts--all much more dangerous. The fact is, I love cigarettes but now they just have too many faults. Electronics are helping..

PS Ask Karl for me how he got out of jail time. He should have rotted there.