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Comment: They have to decide to hear

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They have to decide to hear

They have to decide to hear it before she can win anything. Her case has only gone to conference. That's where they determine if they even want to take the case.

Cody Robert Judy brought the exact same case to the Supreme Court and they chose not to hear it after they had a conference on it. The conference is only the first step where they decide if its even worth their time.

And, depending on what they rule if they do take the case, I may or may not have to pursue it. Either way, because its been presented as evidence, meaning that my open case is now before the court, I can't pursue the information through a court again because its already had its day in court. The only way I will get the info I need now is if I can get enough info for Mike Zullo to use to issue a subpeona for documents rather than continue with the avenue I'd originally planned. I'm working on finding that info instead since my SS case is now shot.

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