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Wrong again.

Grassroots? I was in the thick of it.

In fact, our so-called Congressional District Coordinator (PA-CD3 - I am calling you OUT) ignored all of us who reached out to him. He rejected emails, phone calls, letters, etc. He turned his back. So *I* took over. I coordinated what I could with what I had available. I worked 3 CD's and 2 states. 2 precincts that I single-handedly worked all of RP's delegates won hands down. Had other precincts done THEIR job, we would have had more DELEGATES.

Then there were RP delegates in other states going to Tampa who decided to back romney. When I urged them to continue support for RP, I was told that they wanted UNITY.

I have a thousand + stories to tell. I worked from here to OH, clear to Philly and on down to Tampa, not to mention the rest of the country. Sorry, but smoke you blow is meaningless to me.

I am sorry for sounding upset. But you clearly do not know the facts.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul