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"teach them Jesus Christ is

"teach them Jesus Christ is the only one to live a perfect life."
I'll teach them what the Bible says - including the alleged perfection of Jesus, as well as the alleged rape and murder justified and authorized by Yahweh in the old testament. To focus on only one positive element of a religion would be no different than sending my children to Sunday school to get indoctrinated into one specific religion - that's counter to my aims of educating them. I want to educate, not convince. To teach only the flowery Jesus story in a case study on the entire text would be disingenuous at best, and biased propagandizing indoctrination at worst.

As far as Jesus rising from the grave, he's not alone in that among deity figures. There are actually many other figures throughout various religions that resemble parts of the Jesus story. For the record, Buddha is not a god and most Buddhists are atheistic.

Of course I would not lie and say that Ron Paul wasn't a Christian. That would be pointless, and again, counter to my intention of educating my children, not withholding certain information or hyper focusing on other information.

Most likely, the teaching of Christianity will be a three-part examination of Abrahamic religions working chronologically from their inception to today, meaning I would start with Judaism, move to Christianity, then Islam, and finally cover each religion in its modern state. That's the only appropriate way to teach the subject in my view.