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I hope I

have had more success at waking people up than it appears now. I have been told I have driven people away and I should agree to disagee...g-r-r-r-r-r-r. I think some people prefer to contiue living under that "rock". I do know some have been doing some research, and some have been made to think a little just by coming across the doomsday prepper shows on tv.

As Ron Paul once said at a rally(and I'm paraphrasing)," Once you are aware of what's happening, you are obligated to do something about it". He also reminded us that Benjamin Franklin said (paraphrasing again)" Those who choose security over liberty, shall have neither, nor, deserve neither.

We also have to get word out about the implementing of agenda 21 and starting with alerting grassroots level community governments about the real meaning behind sustainability and the ultimate plan.