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I don't know where you see me

I don't know where you see me claim that I'm "siding with the experts", I am siding with the evidence and that's all I claimed. I just think that being told by I don't even know who, that 'independent investigations' determined from pictures that couldn't be the cooling duct from United 175, is far from enough evidence to dismiss all the evidence that it was. From that video you don't even know WHO did the 'independent investigations', and they tell you the cooling duct couldn't be on a 767 and show some diagrams but they don't actually prove that it couldn't be. I mean if that dismisses the flight manifest,fuselage parts, DNA from passengers, ID cards from passengers, landing gear, eyewitness accounts, ata recordings, phone calls by pax, radar tracking, etc. for you then that's where the disagreement here is.

By the way, do you think American Airlines flight 11 was not the first plane to hit the towers as well? What do you think did hit the towers then?