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"Such a process would

"Such a process would necessitate an increase in the complexity of the instructions that guide the genetic machinery."

That's not true however. There is no necessary increase in complexity due to evolution. Even in an increasingly complex system, there is NO requirement that any one system create new information. There could be (and likely are) extremely simple rules of interaction, and that's it.
This is observable in the fact that there are still single-celled organisms present now that existed long before man. Actually, those organisms could be argued to thrive more than multi-celled organisms. As a whole, eukaryotes are less successful creatures than are prokaryotes. They are more numerous, adaptable and varied than the rest of the animal kingdom despite being comparatively very simple structures.

"To see information in the genetic code of a higher organism that was non-existent in the lower organism from which it supposedly evolved is to see information where it once did not exist. Thus my expression, information from non-information."

The complexity is derived from interaction, but the information to enact such change preexists the interactions. It's present in the genome of the species that will evolve/adapt, otherwise a change cannot occur.

All of this is entirely irrelevant though - there are reproducible experiments that will verify evolution, you simply need to use creatures that reproduce fast enough to see the changes.
Bacteria can be evolved to be entirely resistant to a toxin. There's an example of so-called "new information" arising from "non-information" though neither of those titles are accurate.
That's assuming you don't trust DNA data that shows recent changes in the human genome or links between existing and extinct species. New studies come out all the time verifying evolution. The evidence in favor of evolution is one-sided and overwhelming. The evidence against evolution? It's theoretical questions like the one you're posing, about information from non-information, or something from nothing - questions that rely on an assumed lack of information to prove a point, as if that were even possible.