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Yes, exactly..."until they

Yes, exactly..."until they reach the typical free thinking ages."

An atheist parent is not less instructive than a evangelical Christian or a Muslim. I'm saying instruction does not brainwash. You may instruct me all you want, and in fact I've read many of Dawkin's works, and it does not brainwash me. My Christian upbringing did not brainwash me any more than the instruction you received that led you to atheism. We get to choose, no matter our childhood instruction. Instruction as a a child helps to form a scaffold of knowledge and an approach to incorporating new knowledge. The Bible is certainly a big book of stories about people seeking knowledge and contending with God. Then just when they think they have it down, Jesus comes along and says, " weren't listening." The Bible is one big exercise in coming to grips with our own notions of logic and right/wrong. There's not closed doors in those pages. When I teach my son the Bible, I know he's not getting a tied-up-in-bows packages; he's getting a difficult, conflicted, heroic story of man's quest for God and God's quest for man.