Comment: But you don't really care about the things you claim to

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But you don't really care about the things you claim to

You see social problems and you advocate certain solutions. The problem is, the solutions you advocate do not solve the problems you claim to want to solve. In fact, the problems only get worse.

- Health care costs have gone UP (dramatically) ever since government become involved (and continues to spiral higher as government becomes more involved)

- Education gets WORSE as government gets more and more involved

- Poverty levels have NOT CHANGED even though government has thrown trillions of dollars at it over the years

- People on your side claim that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer -- even after DECADES of income redistribution

- Other societies that have gone down the road even further show that your solutions do not work, and lead only to misery for the masses: bread lines and starvation in the USSR as the government takes full control of food; empty store shelves and looting as places like Argentina and Venezuela institute price controls on food; bullets in the back to stop people from leaving when they take your advice to "go somewhere else" (Cuba, USSR, North Korea).

So, the things you CLAIM to want, such as better education, elimination of poverty, affordable health care for everyone, and all the rest are things YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT AT ALL.

If you actually DID care about these things, you would stop and reflect about how your ideas are actually leading to misery for the people you PRETEND to want to help.

You don't get any brownie points around here for pretending things that just are not so. Your brand of morality is a false one, and we can see right through your ideas.

Can you?