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1. Humans did not evolve by

1. Humans did not evolve by chance. We evolved via natural selection - in other words, we evolved INEVITABLY to this state because this is the state that sees us as most fit for survival.

2. You won't find any evolutionary biologists who will claim that humans evolved from monkeys. The only people who make this false claim of the evolutionary model are creationists who have no idea how it actually works and are discounting it because they think their god and science can't coexist.

3. Evolution says nothing about the purpose of life. Most atheists are humanists and do not believe that procreation is the only purpose of life, but also to be good to other humans, exhibit exemplary behavior, be charitable, live a happy life, and a number of other 'purposes.'

4. You're crapping on Jesus' teachings when you ignorantly and sarcastically disparage others via straw men you erect to belittle their lifestyle. Love your neighbor, otherwise why are you wasting your time being a Christian?