Comment: Interesting post. Prediction:

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Interesting post. Prediction:

Interesting post. Prediction:

I suspect you are going to see a bunch of comments coming in to question the concept of "natural laws" and the relevance of "God" (and/or "existence of whom") ... and eventually also a bunch of those willing to put the almost exclusive blame on it (idea and God's existence, faith, etc) for all past infamies.

But, sure, never mind that the overwhelming majority of horrors we've seen happening over the past hundred years or so all over the place on this planet have very little, if anything at all, to do with either the "natural laws" or "God" - and everything to do with the exact opposites, instead.

I sincerely wish you best of luck with the feedback you'll get, nevertheless.

Especially expect brilliant comments from a certain "littlespy" - no doubts those will bring you delight for their outstanding informative content, intelligence, and open-mindedness.

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