Comment: Accountable to voters?

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Accountable to voters?

Election fraud happens.

Too many of the problems you list as reasons why people can't become their own safety net, they come from too much government involvement. For example, if you get this great marketing idea, you have to pay thousands of dollars to get permission to exercise your idea (such as wanting to provide a taxi service, or sell lemonade). Corporatism combining with the government is nothing but corruption, as the corporations pay government officials to pass legislation that helps them and crushes competition. (My favorite petty example is about a company from a northern state convincing the federal government to pass a law concerning ice wine: only grapes picked while frozen outside on the vine by the weather could be labeled as ice wine. This was to prevent southern companies from competing by using freezers to freeze the grapes.)

The government building roads and providing a postal service is listed in the Constitution. A limited government would provide services that are equally accessible to everyone, provided that these services do not place a burden on the taxpayers. It oversteps its boundaries when it tries to legislate lifestyles, such as determining exactly what kind of education is acceptable (forcing truancy and punishing parents for having different ideas of how to best prepare their children for adulthood), exactly what qualifies as "healthcare" ("only doctors in hospitals being paid by third parties count!"), and so on. Thanks to both the crony capitalism and the inherent limited wisdom and knowledge of our representatives, nearly everything the federal touches becomes more expensive and less competent.

The government should enforce contracts. It should punish criminals. It should provide at least basic protection from foreign hostilities. Invading dozens of foreign lands is not basic protection from invasion ourselves. Throwing non-violent drug users into jail for thirty years does not protect us from rapists, thieves and murderers. Bailing out banks who have misused and abused the funds entrusted to their care is not guarding contracts (neither is a company refusing to buy back a product a customer was unhappy with when the company itself initially said it'd buy it back).

I am not anti-government. There needs to be a limited government to protect our civil liberties and let us live our lives. Right now, we do not have that ideal. We have a monster that controls everything. We would not have so many impoverished if the government didn't have both too much power and too much money. There is too much corruption.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine