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I was not suggesting we just complain to each other.

There is a lot of valuable information/education put forth in the many debates and controversial discussions here, like with 9/11 and Sandy Hook for example.

The idea isn't just to quibble amongst ourselves or to preach to the choir, though, but rather for that info/education to spread. Activism and resistance will blossom from there.

I understand that you're frustrated and I do not have the magic pill as to that perfect form of activism you're looking for that will fix things. Activism is not one size fits all, nor does it have to be. While activism isn't limited to information sharing, being informed IS the prerequisite.

If people aren't informed, they're not likely to resist dispicable gov't agendas or speak out against them or take other forms of desired action...and those behind the curtain know this.

You are very wrong if you do not think the gov't is responding to the impact of "keyboard warriors".

We need look no further than gov't infiltration of forums and Facebook, or disinfo campaigns or agent provocateurs or the gov't speaking out against "conspiacy theories/theorists" to see that they are responding.

If some progress was not being made on the information war front, it is doubtful that mainstream media and people like Glenn Beck and Anderson Cooper would be wasting so much time and effort to ridicule and marginalize people who question the gov't/media stories and agendas.

So yes, it would seem there very much IS a response from the powers that be to the impact "keyboard warriors" and others are having in this information war.