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That's perfectly fine, and

That's perfectly fine, and I'll teach a likely similar version of the bible, but I won't stop there. I'll go on to teach the other major religions and many of the less popular ones.

I agree with your premise that as youth come closer to adulthood, they develop their own manner of thinking and will construct their own worldview. I was myself raised in a fundamentalist household and it never took - I've been an atheist my entire life, so I don't discount the ability of children to overcome what can in some cases be very hard indoctrination. What I'm more concerned with is 'what is the BEST method,' not 'which method will they at least most likely survive.' It's simply my conclusion that the best method is one that is all-inclusive rather than one that is personally tailored to include or exclude information based on my own life and biases. Even though I'm an atheist, I will not take atheism for granted when instructing my children. In my view, even if they could survive it, I would be ruining some degree of their potential to best understand the world later on. Just like how most of us small government folk want the spontaneous order of the market instead of the calculated method of the technocrats who think they know everything. I don't know everything, not even close, therefor I can't in good conscience restrict the information with the intention that it will better serve my children.