Comment: Didn't watch the vid.

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Didn't watch the vid.

I don't need to watch the video because I know that most "wild" animals are more intelligent than the average American kid.
At least a wild animal will "sniff" at something on the ground when they come across it, Your average kid would not even notice it.
When they get to middle school, then they have a zillion excuses, and others (usually counselors) explain to them that it's not their fault they're dumbasses. If you truly love your child, you will not let him/her attend public schools, especially when they get to the middle years. Actually, I think monkeys evolved from people....just joking on that last sentence.
Many of today's youth are addicted to porn, and their parents do not have the slightest clue about it. They think they're texting their friends, when in reality they're watching porn on their "smart" phone.
Mom and Dad are too busy to notice. Sad, but very true.