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"Unfortunately, no test has

"Unfortunately, no test has demonstrated the result of an ape evolving into a human."

That's not what you posited originally though, is it?
What you claimed was that evolution could not be confirmed via the scientific method, which it can. It has been done countless times with bacteria. Bacteria are subject to toxins that kill 99+% of those specimens present. This is done repeatedly. Eventually said toxin has no effect on the bacteria. This is evolution proven using the scientific method. It's reproducible and you could even do it yourself quite cheaply if you wanted.

You would not need to recreate the evolution of pre-sapien to sapien to show that it occurred. As I said before, DNA testing verifies the links that were supposed to exist based on fossil records.

Humans have even been shown to have evolved within the last ten thousand years based on DNA collected from bone marrow.

Just for clarity, are you a full on creationist that believes the earth is 6,000 years old, or are you just an evolution denier without the other baggage that usually comes with it?

And for a second time, if you believe that the human immune system exists, you have to necessarily believe that evolution exists.