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You're confusing micro with macro evolution

The fact that an organism can adapt to a change in its environment merely shows that a favorable genetic trait already existed in the population. Use an antibiotic on a germ and millions might die but any that survive already had the resistance. Adaptation is not evolution. You can breed fruit flies for millions of generations and all you're going to get are various breeds of fruit flies for which the genetic information is already encoded.

But you skirted the question. Where does genetic information come from? Instructions don't write themselves. The molecular machinery of life reads code, and that code contains information that instructs the machinery how to behave. There is no life without code and there is no code without information and information does not arise by itself. Information is non-material and yet it directs the thermodynamics of a biological system to maintain its energy and matter in a state of non-equilibrium.

The theory of evolution postulates that random mutations and natural selection can increase genetic information over successive generations. It is often argued that this does not violate the second law of thermodynamics because the entropy of an open system could reduce due to energy input from an outside source, especially the sun when considering the earth as a biotic system. By this it is proposed that a particular system can become organised at the expense of an increase in entropy elsewhere. However, while this argument works for structures such as snowflakes that are formed by natural forces, it does not work for genetic information because the information system is composed of machinery which requires precise and directed energy levels. The machinery of biological systems such as DNA, RNA and proteins requires that precise, directed energies be formed in the molecular bonds which are maintained in a state that is far from equilibrium.

My suggestion would be for you to do a little more research into this issue because evolutionary scientists have absolutely hit the wall on this question of the origin of information. Biological structures contain coded instructions which are not defined by the matter and energy of the molecules that carry them. One always needs a machine in place to make use of an influx of new energy and a new machine requires the raising of free energy in precise and directed amounts for it to work. Intelligence is a prerequisite for the design of a machine that can do useful work by carrying out the instructions of its code.

I find the scientific evidence against the general theory of evolution to be one-sided and overwhelmingly in favor of special creation.

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