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Comment: Well, that's kind of depressing

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Well, that's kind of depressing

... if you take his analysis at face value.

Using datasets on weather, he eliminates 99.9999 percent of the country lol.


This entirely ignores the fact that they definitely have 'contingency plans' for every area of the country - including the tiny little slices he plots out. This means every rural area. (see recent Executive Orders on rural America for one)

I'm sure they have scenarios mapped out where they will use infrared on copters and drones to ferret out anyone who thinks they can get away with unplugging and riding things out.

This is not to say it shouldn't be done. Quite the contrary.

But doing the best you can also includes using indoor hydroponics and aquaculture for food, using wood / solar for heat and power etc.

Then crossing your fingers that when the SHTF that things do not degenerate to the point where they are putting those contingency plans into action. Things might. They might not. But...

imo if you are not willing to accept that possibility - that there is basically nowhere to run - your best bet is to bite the bullet and emigrate. Just leave entirely (I'm hearing some places in South America might be a best bet)