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Then THANK GOD. Even if Rand

Then THANK GOD. Even if Rand is 50% better than Obamabush it'd be 50% closer to what we want. Or, you can have Rubio or Hillary. Tough choice for you? Or move out of the country.

You think Rand or Rubio would enable the GOP Liberty Movement to gain a better foothold?

Perhaps you might start to understand you should be CHEERING at the thought of Rand as President... the doors it could open that will be SHUT with Rubio or Hillary.

The sad thing people on here hating Rand don't understand is that they are basically chopping off their own heads. It could be YOU that is the reason Rand loses and WE FAIL. Get behind our ONLY HOPE (in the next several years).

If this is true (about Rove) this is the best news I have heard all day. And I think Rove may be related to Satan. Unfortunately, when your country is run by Satan, you may have to deal with the devil or overthrow it directly. Are you going to wage direct war against the government? Doubtful - then get on board with Rand.