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Comment: And I never said that is ALL "keyboard warriors" do

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And I never said that is ALL "keyboard warriors" do

If that were true, then why do I still do it? Did you read my entire reply or look at the post I linked?

But I'll go one further, how do you account for those that are informed, and yet do nothing?

"You are very wrong if you do not think the gov't is responding to the impact of "keyboard warriors"."

You know what I think? And we can disagree about this all day. I don't think they are "responding", for if they were, there would be CHANGE. A "reaction" to the "action" if you will. What I do think the government is, AND HAS been doing for MANY years, is control and observation. Government infiltration of forums, facebook, MSM, phone conversations, and what is taught in our public school system have been going on for a lot longer than you're implying. A "response" would indicate "TRUE" change, not controlled deception. By TRUE change I mean that whatever response the government gives, is actually making the country better, whether that be through the economy or other verifiable means, and not through some illusion the government puts out to put its restless citizens at ease. Here's an example:

See, that wasn't CHANGE, that was a deception. It was a deceptive response - and those don't count because the government isn't really changing and it isn't really getting any better. That's what you're seeing. The government is thinking, "People are talking, let's calm(control) them down and "Oh look, a cruise liner went without power for 5 days".

The ridicule and marginalization of people who question, or even of Ron Paul for example, is "CONTROL". A response would indicate change for the better. I mean, that is what we want, and what we're fighting for, correct? Or am I wrong in that assesment and we are content with things just as they are, and have been for many years now, so long as there is debate about it?

Say a child misbehaves and his parent punishes him. The parent never SEES the child misbehave again. Did the child necessarily learn his lesson and learn to behave. Or could it be possible that the child now knows not to get caught? Apply that to the government, you know, the one that never lies.

So you still see your government responding? So how happy are you with those "changes" so far? I'll give you the ENTIRE American history to give me an example of ACTUAL CHANGE that wasn't in part due to mass demonstrations. Women's rights, civil rights, the Vietnam war,.....

Now is not the time to be complacent about this(as well) and pat ourselves on the back, and think we are winning. Is it at all possible that those in power have a strategy? Is it at all possible that they WANT us to think we're winning and actually changing the system(when the facts point elsewhere), so that we can let our guard down thus making it easier to get distracted? Sure, it's great for morale and all of us could certainly could use it. Is open season on our rights over? I'll ask once again, where's the REAL change?