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rand paul is not there to

rand paul is not there to call out the traitors. he goes to bed with them. at least ron paul was naming names of who were the neo-cons who hijacked the republican party.

a leader does have benefits. the illuminati hatchet man have the power of the mainstream media to take control of a movement.

a powerful leader who swayed his followers could cut that down to size.

you can organize something locally, and get people dedicated to a few things. you need to go up to the strangers on the street and hand out information to them. wake them up from the matrix.

i felt better recently talking to strangers like i once did, even though i'm still paranoid to do it before the all seeing eye.

if you feel safe at home, you can unleash a fury of info on the populace. right now everyone is looking at protecting their home. neighbors be damned.