Comment: Stop Blaming Government.

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Stop Blaming Government.

No one is holding you back.
No one is holding you down.

Figure out what you love doing, then figure out how to make that your living.

The problem with the OVER INDULGENCE of complaints on this site, and the HYPER FEAR MONGERING on the part of Alex Jones is that people start to believe that someone is really holding them down.

You say you're "one bad happening away" as though life is happening TO you. Maybe you learned it from your parents or some other poor influence - but the mindset has to go. You can be, do, or have anything you want. Dream your dream and then god damn it - GO AFTER IT!

I hear Alex Jones and think: Fuck - the world is about to End! And then I listen to the Joe Rogan podcast and hear him talking to people who don't have time for political bullshit - they're too busy chasing their dreams and passions. It puts everything into perspective.

Find your passion and go fuckin' get it.
I'd love to help.

Write your next article about "ok - this is what I want to do and this is my plan so far - anyone want to weigh in?" and I will be there giving you or anyone else every MONEY idea I have.

You can look at life from the "one happening away from the poor house" mentality or you can see it a different way as "one happening away from OWNING the house of your dreams." It's your call. Life is what YOU MAKE IT.

Go make it.

That's why this site is dying - it's too depressing and it is NOT AN ACCURATE PICTURE OF REALITY!!! (i'm not saying i'm perfect by the way. I've got plenty of shit to work out - but i know not to blame anyone - definitely not government. Einstein didn't need the german government to follow his passions. Neither did Picasso. Nor do you. Nor do i. In the end: Fuck Government. I gotta Live my LIFE.)

Ron Paul is smiling.
Are you?