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Granger,I've given up on


I've given up on politics, for now. The change we seek will come only when enough people wake up to reality, and so my contribution to the cause now is speaking out - often and in many places and with passion and with no holds barred when it comes to the truth. People are so propagandized that they need to hear the truth many times before they even start to consider it's possibility, and until there is a critical mass of liberty minded voters, politics is a waste of time.

But I know that you feel differently about politics. Your passion for what you are doing within the GOP is evident, and I know that if you could afford to do this on your own you wouldn't be asking for help. It is your passion to which I contributed.

Here's what I hope you will convey to your establishment GOP friends:

Tell them that for every awakened Granger willing to work within the GOP, there are many awakened others, currently disgusted by the thought.

Tell them that we are tired of their endless wars and the deaths of innocents, conducted solely to enrich the MIC. We're tired of paying for these wars via the collusion of banksters and politicians stealing our wealth through the debasement of our money, and we're REALLY tired of GOP politicians explaining away their gifts to the banksters as necessary to save capitalism.

We're tired of the corporate fascists and their control of the medical and agricultural and health insurance industries, producing garbage for food, telling us it's good for us and then when we are sick and dying plying us with destructive and costly drugs, all for their own enrichment and subsidized by our tax dollars, again, courtesy of the GOP establishment.

We're tired of the dumbing down of our youth via the one-size-fits-all GOP supported outcome-based education establishment, now controlled by propagandists out of DC. We're sickened by what this system is producing - good little mind controlled "citizens", workers for the corporations, happy to leave college with mortgages on their backs - payable to the bankster establishment - and happy to tow the line for the corporate masters in exchange for their free weekends full of bread and circus. "Educated" zombies, unable to think critically enough to imagine a better way of living.

And we're tired of so much else; the GOP supported theft of the freedoms of those who dare to try to escape their reality via illegal drugs, the MSM propaganda machine, the endless vote-buying spending in DC paid for with debt placed on the backs of our sons and daughters and their sons and daughters.

But most of all we're tired of the lying, thieving GOP establishment, mouthing "freedom for the people" rhetorically while accepting their contributions from their corporate masters, then twisting the system into one of control over the people's lives.

Tell your establishment GOP friends that many of us will NEVER vote for another GOP establishment candidate, no matter WHO the Democrats put up. I would rather see this experiment in freedom implode under the direction of a sniveling socialist like Hillary than it's death be associated with another GOP establishment freedom faker. Tell them that, if we have anything to say about it, that their days of rule through propaganda are over.

And if your establishment GOP friends insist that they're not the problem - that they'd support liberty minded candidates who will do the right thing but that these sorts of politicians are unelectable - then tell them that nothing less than their full support of liberty minded candidates is acceptable to us, so it's either that they're with us and we win or go down fighting, or they're on their own and they will lose.

(Whew, nothing like a politics invoked blood pressure rush to start the day!)

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein